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Mural assignments

Contemporary art for municipalities, events, companies and private individuals.

YorkOne makes everything possible: large or smaller murals for indoors or outdoors, work on canvas or board, live graffiti at events, you name it.

Everything, of course, in close consultation, so that we arrive at a design that fully meets your wishes.

Other ideas or questions? Just ask for the possibilities.



Muurschildering buiten (abstract Typografische graffiti Amsterdam)

Studio Slijper

Slijperweg, Amsterdam Noord



Mural graffiti Typographic Art Building Wall

Data Does Not Define Me. (2021)

Hullenburgweg, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

The Privacy Project. Curated by S.A.M.A.



Muurschildering binnen (Typografische graffiti Muziekcafé Backstage Hoorn) Bar Wall Painting

Cafe Backstage.




Graffiti Business Stairway Painting

One Group Solution.




Muurschildering buiten (graffiti buitenkunst drieluik Enkhuizen)

Enkhuizen (2021)



Muurschildering buiten (Typografische graffiti particulier Amsterdam)

Particulier, Amsterdam



Graffiti Art Typographic Abstract Canvas (Hengelo Street Art Festival)

Straat art Festival.




Muurschildering binnen (typografische graffiti winkel platenzaak Uptown Records Hoorn)

Uptown Records Store




Muurschildering buiten (Typografische graffiti Speeltuin UJ Klaren Weteringcircuit Amsterdam)

UJ Klaren playground.

Tweede Weteringplantsoen, Amsterdam



Muurschildering binnen (Lets a Go Graffiti kinderkamer) Gameroom Mural

Let's a Go!


Muurschildering buiten (Stadsverfraaiing gemeente Delft) House Mural Painting




Muurschildering buiten (Typografische graffiti jongerencentrum Com-ic Purmerend)

Youth center Com-ic.




Muurschildering binnen (graffiti kinderkamer Chaz)


Kids room



Muurschildering binnen (typografische graffiti schildering kantoorruimte Hoofddorp) Office Mural Interior

Flex Space

Office space Hoofddorp



Muurschildering binnen (typografische graffiti kantoorruimte Hoofddorp) Interieur Wandschildering

Muurschildering binnen (typografische graffiti schildering kantoorruimte Hoofddorp) Office Mural