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About me

YorkOne, born Arjan Jansen in Amsterdam in 1968, is an abstract mixed-media artist. Known for his typographically oriented creations, YorkOne's work is a captivating fusion of abstract shapes and uplifting messages. His artistic repertoire extends to large murals, studio works on canvas and wood panels, collages and occasional forays into digital art.



The roots of YorkOne's artistic journey date back to his youth, where at a young age, influenced by the aesthetics of the corporate identities of the 70s and 80s, he developed an interest in logos and lettering. He started writing on the streets of Amsterdam in the early 1980s during the punk graffiti wave. When the New York graffiti spread to Europe, he was immediately in the thick of it.

Years later, he developed the instantly recognizable style he uses today, seamlessly combining the rebellious energy of modern graffiti art with the symmetrical shapes of typography.

Although his creations still retain typographical features, they often transcend immediate recognition as letters, evolving into intriguing abstract forms. YorkOne's commitment to innovation is evident in its continued research into different materials and techniques, resulting in a constant stream of new and original work.


Fascination with words.

Words have power, they contain energy. They can help or hinder, heal or hurt, trigger emotions and change lives. Words can contain wisdom.

Convincing ourselves that we know it all, we have declared the wise words, carved in stone or written down in ancient writings by ancient, long-lost cultures, outdated.

Yet these words have not lost their true energy. They still have the power to provoke thought, raise awareness, and inspire both ourselves and others.

Words reveal who we are and what we stand for. They shape how we interact with each other. By selecting our words thoughtfully, we can positively change our mindset and that of others, and who knows, maybe lift people to a higher level.



In terms of style, I'm interested in the outer edges of our surroundings—the rough borders, the things happening in the corners of our eyes, almost beyond our immediate attention. These are the things we often miss, but maybe they're worth paying attention to.



In the studio, this translates to a raw and layered style, echoing the complexities of the urban landscape.  It captures diverse architecture, contrasting structures, like weathered advertisements and neglected maintenance, forming an unexpectedly beautiful palette.

The outcome often mirrors fragments of text left behind, now taking on fresh, new meanings.


YorkOne's artistic prowess has been recognized through its participation in multiple exhibitions. His works have found a prominent place in both solo and group exhibitions and his portfolio is included in the collection of the Museum Straat in Amsterdam.


YorkOne is currently working from his studio in Amsterdam.